Ask the Doc! Air Space Particles

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Dr. William Whaley and Dr. Ray Tidmon are back at Circuit World with BKP! They talk about the air space particles and testing. There are only three types of people that need to be tested per Dr. Tidman. Those people being “sick, healthcare provider, and those people who are taking care of the at risk”.

Ask the Doc! The Odds

ask the doc

Dr. Ray Tidman and Dr. William Whaley discuss the odds for non high risk peoples chance of receiving the virus. Also is there a possibility of going to back to our normal lives as we knew them? or will there be a new normal?

Ask the Doc! Asymptomatic Transmitting

ask the doc

Dr. William Whaley and Dr. Steven Marlow dive into the COVID-19 virus with BKP. They discuss about how a person can have no symptoms and still be a carrier. They also answer the questions on if being a diabetic can make you more open to get this disease and if it matters if you have a preexisting health issue or not?



Ask the Doc: Corona Virus and Non-Cancer Lymph Node issues

ask the doc

Dr. William Whaley jumps straight into concerns in the news this week over the “Corona Virus” and its dangers as well as answering a question about a sickness with lymph nodes that may not be cancer.

Ask The Doc! Cancer

ask the doc

Dr. William Whaley sits down with BKP and answers the following questions on cancer.

1) I saw many commercials over the football weekend about talcum powder causing ovarian cancer. I recall you saying the risk was tiny to non existent but I heard talcum powder had asbestos in it and you previously said asbestos causes lung cancer. What is the truth?

2) The Atlanta newspaper said that lung cancer was not as bad as it once was. Is there something new that I have not heard of before?

Ask the Doc! Discussing Clinical Trials


Dr. William Whaley joins the show to discuss the benefit of Clinical Trials and the use of steroids in cancer treatment.

Ask the Doc! Discussing Peripheral Neuropathy and Skin Tags


Dr. William Whaley answers questions from his viewers about Peripheral Neuropathy and Skin Tags.

Ask the Doc! with Dr. William Whaley: Discussing Artificial Sweeteners


Ask the Doc with Dr. William Whaley brought to you by Georgia Cancer Specialists affiliated with Northside Hospital. Dr. William Whaley discusses sweeteners and their affiliation with cancer rates and also discusses healthy poos.

Ask the Doc: Explaining Immunotherapy


Dr. William Whaley joins the show to discuss immunotherapy for cancer treatment.

“Ask the Doc!” Hearing Health



This morning Dr. William Whaley is covering more on health during flue season. Also, Dr. Whaley is going to explain hearing, and inner ear health. Some questions our audience wanted to know:

1. Can drinking water with lemon prevent kidney stones?

2. I have been told not to drink city water. What is the best water to drink?

3. Do childhood earaches cause hearing loss later in life?

We want to give a special thank you to Dr. William Whaley and Georgia Cancer Specialists for this segment.

Does Good Cholesterol Levels Mean You Don’t Have Blockage – “Ask the Doc with Dr. Whaley”


In this segment Dr. Whaley addresses sports medicine in relation to head injuries. You will find his comments concerning women’s soccer interesting. We also had two viewer questions for the doctor this morning:

  1. Is Turmeric a good and safe supplement?
  2. If you have good results from lab test, good cholesterol levels and, triglycerides; Does this mean you will be less likely to have a blockage?

If you have questions for our doctor e-mail them to or 706-889-9700

We would like to thank Georgia Cancer Specialist for sponsoring this segment!


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“Ask the Doc” – Dr. Whaley Discusses Gluten Versus Gluten Free


Sponsored by Georgia Cancer Specialist, Dr. Whaley discusses gluten and gluten free. He also covers what is the best time of day to work out if you are trying to lose weight.


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