• Conspiracy Theories, True or Not?

    I’m not into conspiracy theories and generally won’t support them because at what point does a meeting or telephone conversation become a conspiracy and against whom? Politically, its only the Democrats who come unhinged when President Trump conducts the country’s business and who take umbrage against his foreign policy decisions. Indeed, everything he has done […]

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    Many attribute our national holiday of Thanksgiving to President Abraham Lincoln. He did sign the law designating the last Thursday in the month of November as a national holiday of Thanksgiving on October 3, 1863. While Steward wrote the law and Lincoln signed it, the holiday might not have been written into national law if […]

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  • Send In The Clowns

    The Spector of unfairness surrounding Schiff the Abdominal Showman, world’s greatest spectacle, including lying and denying of real evidence, grows with each question that Chairman Schiff allows Republicans to ask. It hangs over this failure of a show trial like snot out of a child’s nose at winter time. It's there to be seen and […]

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  • Schiff, The Abominable Showman

    So, all the secret ‘Black Chamber’ BS is over, and the really important BS is about to begin in Schiff’s sham forum of a Soviet style show trial in an attempt to modify public opinion with his corrupted, phony, one-sided circus show. It’s a Barnum and Bailey event with Schiff as the Ring Master that […]

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  • Dementia on View

    Our American founders purposely divided representative government into three parts, the Executive, the Legislative and the Judicial, and each have their constitutional roles to play in making government work. It was the founding father James Madison who observed that “the epitome of tyranny is the combination of the executive, legislative and judicial functions in a […]

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  • Who’s the Genius Here?

    There are two dimensions of the Deep State, the corrupt elected politicians who enrich themselves at the trough of taxpayer beneficence, and the bureaucrats who actually run the government and are addicted to the power of their sinecures. These people sit quietly at their desks pulling the levers of action, enacting rules and regulations to […]

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