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    Atlanta declared Sunday, October 13, 2019,  Pride-on-Peach. A parade on Peachtree Street celebrating the gay lifestyle. CBS covered the perverted parade. Proverbs 16:18, “Pride goes before destruction.” Dr. Billy Graham’s wife Ruth once stated that if God does not destroy America, He will have to apologize and restore Sodom and Gomorrah. The Apostle Paul wrote […]

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  • Ask the Doc! Sarcoidosis and Anemic Cancer?

    ask the doc

    Dr. Whaley covers two new questions today after a quick discussion of Rush Limbaugh’s lung cancer. Your questions of Sarcoidosis and a possible connection between Anemia and Cancer highlight new information about Doctor’s diagnostics procedures.

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  • The Second Amendment, Red Flags and Sanctuaries

    Written by George McClellan The right to keep and bear arms, guaranteed us by the Second amendment, is under constant attack by the Left. In the end, the One World Government crowd, the advocates of the UN’s Agenda 21 plan, cannot seize control of the government so long as alarmed citizens are allowed to remain […]

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  • Is Loss of Trust Forever?

    The old adage “keep your friends close and your enemies close” applies only when you know who your friends and enemies are. Lt. Col. Vindman, a US Army Officer, held a position of trust and responsibility on the National Security Council Staff, probably because of his Ukrainian speaking skills. His brother, an officer, worked there […]

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  • Common Sense And Survival

    Written by George McClellan Conservatives accept that the dementia afflicted Democrats are so, because they lack basic “Common Sense.”We know what “Common” means: that everybody understands the problem, and how to solve it but, the word”Common” leads us astray. If we substitute “Practica” for the word “Common”, then it becomes understandable why the Progressive Left […]

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