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Medical Marijuana Pt.2 7/15/16


Part Two of the GMFTO series on Medical Marijuana, Cannabis Oil, and the effects for health treatment in our nation.

Murray County traffic stop results in 5 arrests


A traffic stop by one of the alert Murray County Deputies resulted in 5 arrests.

The vehicle was initially stopped for operation of unsafe vehicle and no seat belt and ended in 5 arrests.   Approximately 14 gms of marijuana along with scales, and grinders were located in the vehicle. Along with 2 small children that were found hidden in the back of the vehicle unrestrained.

EMS were called to the scene to check the welfare of the children. A toddler was also in the vehicle in a restraint seat. all 5 were charged with Possession w/intent to distribute.   Also charges were issued for 3 seat belt violations,  additionally multiple open containers of alcohol were located in the vehicle.

Medical Marijuana 6/24/16


A special segment on Medical Marijuana. BKP  meets Rick and Melisa Searcy whose daughter, Angel Searcy, has Cerebral Palsy and Microcephaly. BKP also talks legislation with Dale Jackson from Hope United.

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