Tax com warns residents about costly go-between for car tags

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MC Tax commissioner Billy Childers warns residents against legal third-party websites that charge a large fee for car tag renewals.

Murray County Tax Commissioner Billy Childers is warning residents to beware of costly third-party websites advertising to renew car registration. He said the sites have exorbitant fees attached to them and those wanting to renew on-line can use the county’s website at a much lower cost.

“These websites are legal,” he stressed. “The most anyone should pay is $26 for a tag and that includes the late fee if there is one.”

“We’re just now learning more about it and we are learning through disgruntled customers who are calling and wanting to know what we are doing with all these fees,” he said.

Websites like will charge several fees, including a convenience fee of $39.99 and a processing fee of $27 for a total of $66.99.

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Melissa Webb, who works in the Tax Commissioners office, said that cars under the the ad valorem system have different charges.

Childers said there is no need to pay that much. Residents can go directly to the Georgia Department of Revenue to renew their tags for a three-percent convenience fee.

This is for cars under the “new” system, said Melissa Web, Childer’s assistant.

Georgia switched how they handle taxes in 2013, going from an annual ad valorem tax to a straight sales tax upon purchase based on the value of the vehicle and not the sales prices.

Childers received and email from Rodney V. Cain, Lowndes County Tax Commissioner, encouraging other commissioners to let their residence know the cost of using non-government sites to renew tags.



I feel sure that most of you are aware of and probably others like it.  As a Tax Commissioner, I feel that it is our duty to make folks aware of such sites. Such sites are Non-Government Sites and these sites are charges our constituents large fees for simply being a go between.   They just now charged a Lowndes County tax payer a Processing fee of $39.99 + $27.00 for a total charge of $66.99 to renew his Registration.  Directly through us the Vehicle Registration would have been only $26.00.   — Rodney V. Cain, Lowndes County Tax Commissioner



Websites like add more than $60 in fees to renew $20 tags.

Childers said he doesn’t know if there is true deception and the websites looks official, but it is noted twice on each webpage that is is not a government website and that it is privately owned. It does, however, come above the Georgia Department of Revenue site in searches, labeled with a tiny box that denotes it as an “Ad.”


Third-party websites offering costly tag renewals pop up on searches before legitimate, government websites.

“It’s a go-between and if people aren’t careful, they will use them instead of the government site,” said Childers.

If people are unsure, they can all the Tax Commissioners office at (706) 695-2413.





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