Teens Find Autistic Boy Who Went Missing On Halloween

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CHATSWORTH, GA – 12-year-old Matthew Hopkins went missing for several hours before two teenagers found him in a creek on Halloween night.

The autistic boy disappeared around the Ballground Road area before 5 p.m. on Halloween. Sheriff Langford believes that he got lost while walking to his grandfather’s house. Before disappearing, he had been playing in the yard.

Approximately 250 people came out to search for the boy and two teenagers found him in a creek close to the search area. Law enforcement and locals searched an eight-mile radius. Georgia State Patrol provided an air search and heat map to find the boy. Calhoun Police Department had K-9 units on-site to assist.

Matthew was reunited with his family and sent to the hospital, but “[he] looked to be in pretty good shape” according to Sheriff Langford.

Thankfully the Halloween night ended well for all involved and showcased how tight-knit the citizens of Murray County are.


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