Why Republicans Are Losing Their Message

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Written And Submitted By: George McClellan

Do you remember the GOP’s last Speaker of the House Paul Ryan? He, and other RiNO’s like him, are the reason why Conservatism and the GOP is losing arguments in the field of political persuasion. Ryan said it was time for Trump to “move on from his election loss to President-elect Joe Biden.”  Why does Ryan want to gaff off so serious an attack against our electoral process? Is it so the Deep State Establishment can continue to survive?


In remarks to a Bank of America virtual European Credit Conference, Ryan urged an end to ‘speculation’ over ‘alleged’ widespread voter fraud. Why? He said a peaceful transfer of power will be the healthiest move for the country. Sure it would, just like the peaceful transfer of power Democrats lavished on Donald Trump. Of course, Ryan’s opinion is complete nonsense because the ‘speculation’ he derides is supported by enough facts as to make the theft of this election more than probable. The “their’s no evidence” cacophony from the media is like Juan Williams on the “Five” shouting simply to wear ’em down. Ignore them!


Ryan complained that “These legal challenges to the outcome and the attacks on our voting system really need to stop! The outcome will not be changed, and it will only serve to undermine our faith in our system of government, our faith in our democracy.”  What Ryan misses of course is, if the national election process isn’t corrected, people will simply no longer participate. The criminal Democrat party would welcome that very outcome. This election must be challenged!


Taking Hillary Clinton’s advice, Trump has not conceded. Litigation underway in several key battleground states may actually restore the balance and that will drive the Left nuts. Ryan added: “a peaceful transfer of power is needed to uphold the country’s democratic institutions.”  Well, now it’s those “democratic” Institutions that need to be torn down, isn’t it?


Further, Ryan said: “The election is over. The outcome is certain; I think it’s really important that we respect that, (Why?) We respect the will of the people, and if we don’t, we end up doing damage to our country, to our democratic institutions and norms and to the cause of freedom.” If Ryan truly believes that, he’s a dim bulb indeed. The damage is done and will continue until fair and honest elections are conducted; elections that require a photo ID, on election day.


Ryan said he understood:“the disappointment of losing a national election, adding that Trump voters should not buy into what the president’s legal team is saying about voter fraud. (Why?)I know there are a lot of people in this country who are really disappointed. But I think it’s really important that we’re clear about this, which is the mere fact that the president’s lawyers throw these sort of baseless conspiracy theories out at press conferences but offer no evidence of these in court tells you that there is not the kind of widespread voter fraud or systemic voter fraud that would be required to overturn the outcome of this election.”  Clearly, the conspiracy suspicions are not baseless as Ryan wants us to accept. Didn’t the FBI, DoJ, CIA and DNI’s, top officials criminally conspired to bring down Donald Trump? Was that baseless? Its on record.


Ryan doesn’t like Trump because Trumps is not one of them. Ryan, a swamp creature, trashed Trump to Tim Alberta, editor of the Politico, for his book American Carnage. Ryan accused Trump of not knowing how to govern. “I’m telling you, he didn’t know anything about government … I wanted to scold him all the time,”  Trumps four years of unprecedented economic, social and foreign policy success tells a different story. Ryan and the others like him will plot like a cancer, against conservative Republican success. We know where to look, we need to take action.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (25Nov20)

Another Conservative Point of View at this Thanksgiving Time

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  Written And Submitted By: George McCellan

Greetings all and a Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone. It may be our last as the Democrats have successfully managed to attack and close down reduce or postpone all our national holidays in the name of fear.

What follows below is a post from another conservative forum that needs to be shared, especially by Georgian voters.  It is one woman’s opinion on Georgia politics, but it reads  as though it probably has a solid basis and may be right on the money.  
Wake-up call in Georgia

Let’s be clear. I am a Floridian. If you had asked me a month ago who the Georgia Senators were, I would have looked at you blankly and asked why should I care? Well, a month has changed a lot in the political landscape of our country. Today, our government as we know it is under attack and whether we remain a constitutional republic where people are responsible for themselves or we spin off into some sort of semi-socialist state where wealth is redistributed through increased taxes and social controls and big brother is responsible for us is the open question. Make no mistake, this attack on our country is very well-coordinated and strategic and it is working better than their leadership’s wildest dreams.

I know what I am going to say will be very unpopular to many Trumpers. I will begin by saying that I am and ever will be a bold and active supporter of our 45th President. However, someone has to speak the truth to us. So, this is my truth to you.

I just returned from a three-day trip to Georgia to canvass for their two Senators, Perdue and Loeffler. My two girlfriends and I canvassed Northwest Fulton county, in the area of Sandy Springs and Roswell. These two areas are very wealthy. The homes are worth millions of dollars and they surround the Cherokee Country Club, voted the 22nd best country club in the country. What we found was a nondiverse population that was mostly white and over an estimated age of 50 with many clearly in their 70’s. Of those who answered the door, the split between Republican and Democrat was about 60:40 as was to be expected according to https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/republicans-democrats-cities/

In addition, as we have seen in Florida canvassing, the Republican voters were cautious to express their voting views while the Democrats often expressed their views angrily and aggressively. Two Democrat voters told me that I was trespassing and threatened to call the police and two others continued screaming at one of our group even when she had left their property. Bottom line, this area appears to have voted about the same as it had voted in the last several elections. Our job was simply to get out the Republican vote in this area and I think we accomplished our small part of that.

The real story here is not the get out the vote campaign for the mostly white suburban voters who reliably turn out to vote, but the explosion of voter registration and get out the vote campaigns in African American and Latinx communities in downtown and suburban Atlanta and for that matter in Georgia. While the Republicans were encouraging their base to get out and vote, the Democrats have been actively expanding their base through outreach to their natural constituencies and others. They have been registering African Americans and Latinx and encouraging and supporting their vote through frequent and consistent messaging, engaging voters early, and investing aggressively. Historically low turnout voters in Georgia have been WOKE by the Georgia Democrat Party and now have consistently turned out to vote in the mid-term election, the gubernatorial election, and now in the 2020 Presidential election in higher and higher numbers.

The results are clear, Joe Biden won 500,000 more votes in Georgia then Hillary Clinton did in 2016. The old adage that “if there is a low voter turnout, the Republicans win and if there is a high voter turnout, the Democrats win, is alive and well. The Democrats and specifically Stacy Abrams in her “The Abrams Playbook, the Strategy and Path to Victory in 2020” have outplayed the Republican Party of Georgia. https://fairfight.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/TheAbramsPlaybook.pdf

Make no mistake, the Abrams Playbook is in full force now in Georgia. One house that I canvassed thought I was a Democrat and told me in no uncertain terms that she had everything she needed and that she was all set to vote in the upcoming election. Clearly, she had been handled by a Democrat operative and “assisted” in her voting plan before I showed up. This systematic, aggressive, and strategic outreach to Democrat voters, Democrat leaning voters who were formerly not likely to vote, and Democrat leaning voters that were previously not registered is why Georgia has turned blue. The race for the Senate will be an all-out sprint. Perdue may pull it off this year, but if Republican messaging and strategies do not change, Georgia will be reliably blue into the future.

What this portends for the rest of this country is clear. The Democrats have out thought, out strategized, and out organized the Republican Party across the country. They have broadened their base, expanded registration of unlikely voters, have frequently encouraged and prepped their voters, lobbied and changed legislation to support their voters, and have mobilized a large and growing voter block. If the Republicans do not make drastic changes, broaden their message and their base, and pay attention to legislation that benefits one side and not the other, they will continue to lose in larger and larger numbers.

Dianna Chianis is an engineer and scientist and an active and vocal Trump supporter. She canvassed over 4500 voters for the Trump campaign in Florida and just returned from canvassing over 900 voters in the Atlanta area.


More Good Advice, Ditch Fox News

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Written And Submitted By: George McClellan


I have long had the Fox news app on my smartphone along with americaoutloud.com and the weather app, as trusted news sources. While Fox news has apparently become another anti-Trump, anti-conservative shadow of the enemy, I enjoyed the Brian Kilmeade radio show until he interviewed Geraldo Rivera yesterday (20Nov20). 


Now, I have long considered Fox’s Geraldo to be an egotistical dufus, a self-absorbed idiot who promotes his own importance and is willing to betray anybody to make a news exclusive like he did to the US Army in Iraqi when, after he was allowed to attend a briefing of a battalion attack plan to Company troop commanders, he immediately set about revealing it to his TV viewing audience. The Army loaded his stuff on a helicopter and made him ‘persona non grata’ and threw butt out of theater. Not good for ones ego!


On the Kilmeade show Geraldo couldn’t wait until he launched into a Progressive tirade against President Trump for not conceding to Joe Biden’s stolen electoral victory as the Democrats and New World Order demand. He was not at all interested in the election theft by Democrats, He wasn’t interested at all that Trump won re-election out right until the vote counting in the Blue States were stopped so they could figure out how many votes needed to be manufactured to overcome Trumps electoral sweep. Why do Liberals yell and scream louder trying to make us accept their weak point of view? It’s because they can’t argue with the truth so must shout down opposition views. Poor Brian Kilmeade, for the first time in my listening experience, he was actually flummoxed by the raging verbal assault on decency, fairness and President Trump.


Listening to Geraldo’s frothing rant against President Trump was the last straw. Chris Wallace lost my support long ago with his growing anti-conservative views politely wrapped in skepticism, and more especially since he botched up his role as the Trump-Biden debate moderator. Now, even Bret Baer is sounding like a “Lefty!” Time to go and that’s my good advice. I deleted the Fox News app from my smartphone and replaced it with the OAN and Newsmax’s apps. I stopped watching the “Five” when they hired Donna Brazile, DNC Chairman fired for providing Hillary Clinton with debate answers, to supplement the “Fives” other loud mouthed dufus, Juan Williams.


When Dan Rather went off the rails and manufactured a false story about George W. Bush, and got fired, not for doing it but for being caught, he was presented some silly news award for being  brave or some such nonsense, as a way for the other media liars to throw a fog of silence over the fake news issue. Now, NY Governor Cuomo, in his darkest hour, accused of being a mass killer of over 6000 American elderly in his states nursing homes, is being presented an International Emmy Founders Award in “recognition of his leadership” during the China Wuhan “Virus pandemic and his masterful use of TV to inform & calm people around the world.”  Like Dan Rather was, other public failures have to be publicly recognized by hoopla and shiny babbles to make them less repugnant until the heat blows over.  


Nobody in the media gets fired today except Fox News Conservatives. Slowly but surely, they will be weeded out. Dana Perino, Brian Kilmeade, Jesse Waters and a few others may soon find it expedient, if they remain politically Conservative, to affiliate with the growing Conservative networks of Newsmax, OANN and a few others. O’Reilly did and I suspect Judge Jeanine Pirro may soon do so as well. Can they afford to lose Tucker Carlson? They may do just that. Fox is in the hands of the Murdoch brothers. Its time to wean ourselves from what’s not good for us.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Just do it! (21Nov20)

Good Advice! Never, Ever Give Up!


Written And Submitted By: George McClellan


I’m very impressed that President Trump is strictly following Hillary Clinton’s advice to Joe  Biden: “Never, ever concede.” That’s very good advice indeed! The last trick in their bag, at  least for this election, is to declare victory, ensconce Joe Biden in a pretend Presidential Office  and demand all the trappings attendant to a peaceful transition of power, something the  Democrats never did for Trump. Why should President Trump concede when voting frauds are  being revealed, whistleblowers are coming forward to give sworn testimony and the matter is  not even closely settled? 

We’re still faced with a conundrum. Biden is a pathological liar. So is the media! He doesn’t  know what he’s talking about, can’t remember his cues on the teleprompter and is in short,  Incapable of leading. That whole idea of Joe leading anything is a joke!  

No thanks to the media for hiding the stories that should be important to voters, but it can’t be  denied, Joe Biden is corrupt! We all know it, he said so himself! He’s also compromised as an  Agent of Influence for the Chinese Communist Party and yet he pretends to have integrity. His  long career in politics taught Joe how to enrich himself and his family without getting caught. A  

serial plagiarizer unable to think on his feet or write his own thoughts at his desk and incapable  of formulating a coherent sentence, Democrats demand that Americans accept him as their  leader even in the face of massive voter fraud investigations. Trump should not concede at all!  

History is filled with stories of flawed hero’s coming at the right time to end disasters and Trump  is one of them because after the economic failures of eight years of Obama, Trumps miracle  leadership accomplished more in four years than any other Party did in eight or ten or twenty  years! Trumps business policies created a booming economy, moving all Americans of all races  toward better jobs and prosperity. He’s trashed the socialists economic policies of our past  administration, changed environmental laws to help Americans prosper and returned Americas  military to a world force to be reckoned with. 

As I have said before I have no grief with a Billionaire who becomes President. Where I take  umbrage is when a stupid politician becomes a millionaire and no one (media) notices. Joe’s  dull career specialized in graft and corruption to enrich himself and his family.  

If we listened to and accepted what the media would have us believe, it’s a sure bet that if  voters were told to get into boxcars to be taken to virus protection camps, most Biden voters  would rush to get in line. “Oh, Save us Joe!” Then there’s the global warming nonsense. Do we  imagine the rest of the world ready to save the planet from evil carbon? No, but the rest of the  world has exempted China and India from carbon footprint controls! They can continue their  fossil fuel burning right along with the 400 more or less, active volcanoes spewing toxins into  our atmosphere but, wicked America needs to do more to reduce carbon pollution. 

Americas biggest enemy is not Trump defending his Presidency from Democrat theft but it’s the  Communist Democrat party who are the thieves and our enemy! If Joe doesn’t win, anarchists  groups like BLM and Antifa promise massive violent demonstrations across the country. If states  enact their military options to defend the Constitution and Americans from evil, the National  Guard will have to crush ’em. If official State governments fail to act because they are  Communist run, then Americans will turn to an age old technique called vigilantism to stem the  tide. If anarchy is not stopped, that could portend the death knell on our Republic. Remember, freedom is the goal the Constitution is the way. Now, go get en! (15Nov20)

The Democrats Have Apparently Successfully Stolen America

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Written and Submitted By:  George McClellan


We saw this coming: we were warned and they still got away with it. They’re going to get away with a lot. Just a few short years ago, the Democrats would pull up to a voter tabulating center just at closing time with a trunk load of paper ballots that swung an election their way, screaming: “every vote must be counted” until our side acquiesced and we lost the election. Dead people voting for Democrats is no mystery any more. Now, instead of lost car trunks filled with ballots miraculously showing up at counting houses at the last second, its theft by the internet using a NSA systems called Hammer and Scorecard. Oh yes, they still rely on printed ballots as cover but the damage is done. 


Not content with having a spy on California Senator Diane Feinstein’s staff for twenty years, do Americans realize that China’s Emperor Ji Jingping now has a willing Agent of Influence in the White House? Yep, they bought him. Joe was for sale, cheap!  Watch the US Military be quickly withdrawn from the South Pacific. Watch the Philippines, Taiwan and Japan re-evaluate their positions vis-a-vis, China’s growing military belligerency toward all its neighbors. Vietnam is especially miffed by Trumps loss to her enemies. The Vietnamese know what China is capable of doing, what its intentions are and how they will carry them out. 


Under Biden’s administration, the Marxists American foreign policy will permit China to expand its hegemony in the South China Sea uninterrupted by Americas military forces. Under Biden’s administration, we can expect US manufacturing to return to Obama subpar employment levels, with its attendant poverty levels and joblessness, while our money flows into China’s coffers once again and we reap the cheap junk that comes our way. Biden’s Marxist government will make us happy with cheap stuff from China that will keep us from rebelling. Its all part of the Marxist plan for America, then the world. We were warned! Their will be blood in the streets.


Watch all criminal charges against the FBI scoundrels, Biden’s family and the Clinton’s simply disappear into the nether, and all this while still more charges loom on the horizon. Was the   One America News network (OAN) the only network to report that a court in the Ukraine has listed Joe Biden as a criminal suspect regarding his admitted role in the firing of Ukraine’s State prosecutor investigating Burisma Energy company and the Hunter Biden’s role in it? 


Not one American news network other that OAN, reported this news. Even Fox has ignored the story, gleefully adding to Trumps election woes by declaring Arizona for Biden even before the polls closed. They didn’t even give cemeteries enough time to rebury the dead after the vote before they too joined the course of “Orange man’s bad, lets get back to normal.”


Normal? There is no normal any more. What the Left has done is saved on record and will haunt the Leftists politicians for decades, if America lasts that long. That cat’s out of the bag and it’s not going back in.  We’ve watched alleged Republicans drag their feet on supporting Trump. Now, they brag about being Republicans for Biden. These are traitors and their actions have all but rendered the Republican Party redundant, useless and unnecessary. Time to change! 


Grassroot conservatives, those that turned out in the thousands to Trump rallies, must seriously consider reregistering as independents. America is a seriously divided country. Politically we cannot agree. Joe has no skills to claim he is a unifying leader. He’s not even a leader. He can’t be a president for all Americans because his far-left party won’t let him. This is their grand opportunity to socialize America or bring it to its knees by bloodshed. Nothing else will do!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (10Nov20)

Short Takes – Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Hearts of Man?

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Written by: George McClellan

Somehow the explosive revelations implicating the Biden Clan in consorting with our Chinese enemies and Ukrainian Oligarchs, simply to enrich their own family coffers, all ignored by the main stream media, the Democrats propaganda machine, apart from the exposure of pure avarice and reckless deep state criminality, opens up other interesting questions. 


Laughingly, the term “Big Guy” apparently meant to be Joe Biden, Vice-President under Barak Obama and father of the terms author, Hunter Biden, comes off as a bigger scoundrel than the simple appellations of “Sleepy Joe,” or “Plugs” would suggest. Is Joe acting? He’s already wealthy beyond his wildest expectations serving forty-seven years as a deep state politician. Is he taking one for the team to get Kamala Harris in place to complete Obama’s fundamental change of America? Looks like it! After all, Joe is getting old, feeble and can probably count the years he has left on one hand, win or lose.


But, is Joe Biden the “Big Guy,” really the “Kingfish” of a sinister crime family? Hummn?  By all appearances it would seem so! The Mafia has nothing on this guy’s ‘white collar’ money making skills except the Mafia has cooler names like “Dons, Godfather, Capo’s and best of all, Capo de tutti Capo!”  If Joe had even a smidgen of Italian blood in his veins he’d be in prison by now. 


The Mafia was thoroughly compromised by years of FBI wire tapes, intercepts and snitches. That raises the question, how much have they collected on Sleepy Joe over the years?  Like the “Shadow” of crime fighting radio fame years ago, listeners were reminded “The weed of Crime bears bitter fruit. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow does.”  So did the FBI, once! J. Edgar Hoover saw to that because he knew what avarice made of fresh bright-eyed politician’s in the Washington DC Swamp. Hoover kept secret records of every politician who left him a trail. He knew their schemes, their paramours, their travels and their secret associates and when a politician was going astray, he quietly brought their activities to a close. 


In the 1940s and after, Hoovers FBI were also looking for spies, Germans, then later Soviets, including American politicians and government workers like Alger Hiss. Today’s FBI it would seem, by the almost forgotten evidence of the failed coup attempt against President Trump, no longer keeps a close eye on errant politicians but seem to have realigned their talents to protect those evil politicians, like Hillary Clinton, by justifying her crimes because she lacked intent. 


A lost laptop filled with compromising evidence implicating Biden’s family cabal, has apparently been in the FBI’s hands since December 2019. That fact is now common knowledge. What have they been doing with it? One hopes they found in it a treasure trove of Biden’s criminal bribery and money laundering schemes, a sure fire way to derail Biden’s run for President; or leads that compromise Chinese (CCP) espionage activities. In any event, that wasn’t their intent because the election is upon us and Democrat Politicians will scream foul calling it another Russian plot to affect the 2020 election to support Trump. 


Well, yes, we certainly hope so! Now, comes a former associate of Hunter Biden with physical evidence and testimony further implicating the former VP as deeply involved in promoting bribery, money laundering and favoritism to the Chinese Communist Party. Will the witness survive? Will Joe’s activities count as espionage? Will we see arrests made? Will we see justice? Don’t count on it!  If the Democrats win this election, this thing will go away, for ever! 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (24Oct20)

Short Takes – Two Weeks

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Written and Submitted By: George McClellen


Americans have been conned by the outrageous lies of Democrats. Within two weeks America will know if it will remain the beacon of hope for all people or will we slide into the abyss of third world violence, totalitarism and slavery. True Americans are not going to allow Democrats with their mail in ballot schemes to ruin our country. Americans will not accept demented Joe Biden who would soon die, leaving Marxist Kamala Harris as President. No one wanted her! 


Americas accepted values of civility were inexorably altered in Minneapolis, Mn, when Floyd George, a black two-bit thief, robber, fraudster and drug user, died at police hands while being arrested for passing a counterfeit twenty. Democrats saw an opportunity and went crazy elevating this thug to Saintly status, eulogizing  his worthless life in funerals in three different cities. The “pity show” for poor Floyd George went on for days and gullible Americans, thinking they could assuage their whiteness, sent in thousands of dollars to a cadre of Marxist revolutionaries, mostly white morons, whose aim is to overthrow the United States of America and replace it with fascism.


What happens then? Fascism of course!  We’ve already experienced multiple robberies and street violence to show respect and deep grief for the unlamented George. Violence swept the US and then went world wide into a planed and coordinated attack against western values. Nobody was left untouched. Black as well as white businesses were looted and burned, counter protests were quickly shut down with violence by Antifa’s, Police ordered to stand down and streets cordoned off from fire and medical aid and, the murders of eighty-nine policemen.


The most useless presidential candidate ever to take the field, Joe Biden, fell to his knees and wept. Whose got a violin? I’ll turn the weepy pages. So did the wicked old lady of the House, and her silly looking cohorts of Progressive sympathizers, wearing bits of African cloth around their necks, presumably to show solidarity with poor George Floyd. All lies!


Americans are beyond reasoning with these people. They lie! It’s in their DNA and they cannot stop themselves. They are products of the teachings of now long dead Socialists like John Dewey, Betty Friedan. William James, Alfred Kinsey, Aldous Huxley Benjamin Bloom, B.F.  Skinner, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes, Saul Alinsky, Sigmund Freud, Margaret Sanger, Roger Baldwin and many others whose wicked philosophies are borne out on our streets today.


Joe Biden is a cannon ball on a pitching deck for Democrats. Even with a Teleprompter and aides standing at his elbow, he can’t get it right. He refuses to answer questions about his son, Hunter Biden’s wealthy involvement with both the Ukraine and China; denies having even consulted with Hunter on any of these issues and even in the face of irrefutable evidence, denies any wrong doing.


Democrats are totally corrupt! Everything to them is politics for power and they’ll sign on with the devil to get it. Speaking of which, lurking in the wings is China’s Emperor Ji jingping, aided and abetted by Hunter Biden who sold his fathers influence as VP to Americas enemies for millions. 

This is the epitome of the Deep State Swamp that president Trump has promised to drain. They are fighting back with lies, lies and more lies and yet, we see no movement in the Halls of Justice to bring these creatures to book! We’re two weeks away from a reckoning. If they win, Joe and Hunter may be the richest men in America, lackeys to Emperor Ji Jingping.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get angry! (18Oct20)

BLM and the Coming Danger


By stealth and design, America, over the past five decades has allowed itself to be enveloped in the soothing fog of socialism where its corrosive philosophy has been allowed to incubate in our public schools until ultimately, it has let loose the legions of corrosive thinking cretins, BLM’s, now attacking and burning our towns and cities, indeed our Americanism disguised as peaceful protesters but, anarchists all. The scary thing is that these people are for most part, Americans.


I am slightly confused. I always thought that BLM identified the Bureau of Land Management, a government quasi law enforcement entity to protect Americas wide open spaces and Indian reservations. I was alarmed when BLM got directly involved against private enterprise when they assumed a Nevada rancher, the Bundy family, were in violation of some land use rules empowering them, the BLM, to seize Bundy’s cattle without due process. This occurred under a Democrat government when then House Speaker Harry Reid, wanted the land Bundy used for cattle grazing to sell to a renewable energy company to install solar collectors. That constituted an Executive Action requiring a legal punishment, (theft of Bundy’s cattle), an unconstitutional act, unless they got away with it. They didn’t, and that part of the story died. Also quickly ignored was the singular fact that armed American citizens confronted the BLM usurpers and prevailed.


In any event, we are now confronted with a different BLM, hoards of black clad young, mostly white Americans, organized or not, volunteering for political reasons or for pay, to support the BLM group of self styled and admitted Marxists who are determined to bring America down. 


As this lot runs around city streets and cafes attempting to humiliate dining patrons, it is more an  expression of Maoism than Marxism. In any event, their mission is the same, destroy America. A shocking video interview of a young white male with a plastic face shield truthfully answering the interviewer’s questions, admitted that capitalism had to be overthrown and replaced by  socialism. By his attitude he thought it was an event sure to happen. Where did he get such anti-American ideas? From the revisionists of American history, in the Common Core syllabus indoctrinating its neophytes about how rotten America has been to people of color, to the poor and the undocumented immigrants swarming here for a better life, free of charge of course! 


America’s long and successful exercise in representative government, where decorum between contending ideas, (except for the Civil War period), even with those that clearly flouted the US Constitution, were argued out in the public domaine with a basically honest media reporting the results, not trying to make them. All that has been washed away with the corrupting marriage between commerce and government, the source of the vast pot of easy cash endlessly flowing to buy the votes of politicians. That’s one step away from Fascism, Mussolini’s idea that one can keep his business so long as his business produces what government tells him to produce. 


Nobody could seriously believe that Joe Biden is up 16 points over Donald Trump except CNN who said so. That’s a fear inducing tactic! What is happening is a post Trump Leftist scheme to give us two choices in what government, we will have, Fascism or Communism, aka: Socialism. To Democrats, it really makes no difference because both concepts are Far Left and will only survives under the heel of Totalitarian, protected by a police state. 


Mostly, Americans now live comfortably adjusting to deflation and inflation, lower interests rates and affordable fuel and food prices. That comfort could soon end and Conservative Americans must be prepared for two choices, give in or water the roots of the Liberty Tree. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, let’s get awesome! (06Oct20)

Short Takes – “There is No Such Uncertainty as a Sure Thing”


written by: George McClellan


The title quote is attributed to the revered Scottish poet Robert Burns (1759-1796)! The truth of his statement has been borne out multiple time since his day, encompassing the defeat of the Axis in WWII and, no more obviously than the 2016 presidential election when all the poll pundents, the expert media prognosticators and Democrat hangers-on predicted with absolute certainty that America would be blessed with a Hillary Clinton presidency. “Oh, Joy, Rapture!” The smartest woman in the world to become Americas first woman president & etc, Give us a break!


The uncertainty then was wondering why Democrats would support the worlds smartest woman Hillary Clinton, as a candidate while under investigation by the FBI for multiple felonies, and believing the FBI, DoJ, CIA & IRS were fair and honest, believed in the Constitution and would send the miscreant to jail. Then, they let the rat out of the trap and with the certainty of fanatic devotees to Beelzebub, that she would never see the inside of a prison except possibly to visit Comey, Brennan, McCabe and Strzok, they sought to resurrect their version of the Communist Manifesto yet again in the sure and certain hope their corrupt deep state activities would fade away and they could resume their coup against America’s President. It hasn’t happened yet!


Four years later we’re faced with that exact same uncertainty, oh, not from Trump supporters, flyover country deplorable’s, prospering Americans of African descent or working Latinos, but from Democrats who have gone into melt down wondering how they could have possibly put up the weakest nincompoop in the Democrat Party as their candidate against a virtual eating machine of incompetent performers, Donald Trump who is prepared to devour their whole scheme and candidate too! What’s now certain is to win they’re going to have to cheat and   they are good at it!


It’s not difficult to guess what the Democrats have in mind to steal the presidency from the most successful political leader since General George Washington, and turn America into a slobbering country of social misfits whose survival depends on what the State gives ’em! It’s already started with the mail in ballots. How does that work and still ensure honesty? I don’t know.  Ask a Democrat. I do know this. While on our recent vacation trip to Wyoming, we met a vacationer from Texas who told us he had already received, unsolicited, four mail in ballots from Ohio and two from Illinois, states he has never visited let alone lived in! He thought he would fill ’em all in for Trump and send ’em back like a good voter would.

Conservatives do have a big problem. We’re still attached to the Republican party and while the Democrat party doesn’t really know what it is or wants with contending factions pushing any moderates to the far left, the Republicans still have RiNO’s and anti-Trumpers sitting on their hands hoping Trump will fail and they are not seen as helping the Marxists in that failure. Sen. Susan Collins, (R-Ma) is as flakey as they come and desperately needs to be replaced, but now Conservatives are almost forced into helping her win another term as a RiNO moderate just to keep the GOP’s senate count above 50%. And if she does win there is still no certainty that she even recognizes the dangers facing our Constitutional Republic.  Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski is another goofball RiNO that has to go, sooner rather than later, but right now, alas, she’s a Senate Republican vote if she knows how to use it. If clueless Joe is the best they got, and he wins, we’re all in trouble. If you want a hint on Joe’s oncoming dementia, watch this recent video for a while: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnafho4KMiQ&feature=youtu.be. Then, remember who’s behind him, the first drop-out of the Democrat primary, super marxist Kamala Harris.  Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em? (11Oct20)                        

Short Takes – A Debate or a Free For all?


Written and Submitted by: George McClellan

To start off with, I couldn’t tell if I was watching a found copy of a lost Marx Brothers film or a cartoon rerun of Elmer Fudd chasing that wascally wabbit!  With that, I’ll admit I’m totally for Donald Trump. I’ve witnessed the miracle of his take no prisoners leadership of Americas prosperity and economic growth; how he handles foreign policy to Americas favor, his restoration of our military and his savvy business approach to management of the dysfunctional corrupt government he inherited and the efforts of elements of that corrupt government to pull him down. That includes Joe Biden. The first debate was really on trivial matters already in the public domain. It was in fact, a waste of time.


Having said that, a couple of points also need to be made. First, I wondered why Trump even bothered to debate Joe Biden because Joe’s history of gaffs, misstatements, false innuendos political failures, self-enrichment and outright lies, as he so cunningly demonstrated in last nights debate, should have rendered any such debate mute and not worth sparing over. We all already know what the issues are and the position of both candidates on them. The best advice ever given to me was never to argue with an idiot because idiot will bring you down to his level and beat you to death with his experience. Didn’t happen last night though.


The Leftist media will give Joe high marks for standing up to and “trashing” Donald Trump, and claim that Trump was still lying. Well, that might have worked once but most folks today have caught on to the MSM and don’t believe ’em anymore. Besides, every possible issue that could be debated was spit out onto that stage last night. 


The Left hates Donald Trump because he’s ruined their gig!  Joe hotly claimed he was “the Democrat Party,” not Bernie Sanders or AOC, and even raised his voice to emphasize the point, He denied that he supported AOC and her Green New Deal, when he’s on record for doing exactly that. Leave it to good ol’ Joe to bring mediocrity to a new low level of mendacity.


What did surprise me was that Joe even consented to debate but on issues only important to the Left! Nobody cares about global warming or the US rejoining the Paris Climate Accords because everybody now knows that the Paris Accords were nothing more that a New World Order scam to fleece Western countries, especially the US, out of trillions of dollars to support, you guessed it, the new world order. 


Speaking of global warming, Trump was correct when he said the US is the cleanest country in the world for low carbon emissions, pointing out China, India and other countries were major contributors of green house gas emissions. I was disappointed that Trump did not include the four hundred, more or less, active volcanos around the world spewing their toxic poisons into the atmosphere every minute, and dismissing outright the whole concept of human accountability as unscientific nonsense.


Of course the timing of Trumps latest Supreme Court pick took some fire but that didn’t last long because, as Trump said, he was President and, to quote a recent past President, Barak Obama: “Elections count. I won, you lost.”  Biden’s response was that the American People should have a voice in a SCOTUS nomination. Well, they did, in 2016! End of story.


I was especially amused when Joe tried to capture Trumps economic miracle as his own by claiming the Obama-Biden administration left a thriving economy for Donald Trump when we all know the Obama-Biden economy was moribund with slow to nearly non-existent growth, high black and Latino unemployment and lost jobs going abroad. 


Other issues of importance to the Left were Trumps Tax returns. He’s under audit all the time and pay’s taxes in the millions. For me, I’m not worried about a billionaire becoming President, I worry about how a mere politician enters Congress and becomes a millionaire. Nobody asked Joe if the paid his taxes on his Ukraine investment or on Hunter Biden’s billions from China. Joe got right defensive over Trump bringing up the matter of his corrupt kid, but, it had to be asked. 


Trump also started the revitalization of the military including cancelling out Obama’s scheme to re-educate white Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Airman about the unhealthy effect of their racism because of their white privilege. OMG!


In short, Joe Biden rarely answered a direct question but framed his answers in the tedious talking points we hear daily. Remarkably Joe would not utter the words Law and Order. If he did, AOC would cast a spell on him causing his tongue to shrivel up and fall out. 


Well, it was a good show I suppose. The suave Mr. Chris Wallace of Fox News, managed to maintain some control but not decorum. Trump isn’t a decorum man. Hit him and he hits back! Lie about him and he’ll correct the offender then and there. It was a Marx Brothers or the Three Stooges show, but it was entertaining. Take your pick!


Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em! (29Sep20)


Guns and Police Reform, What Does it Mean? Danger!


Written by George McClellan

Democrats believe that on the issue of gun violence, the 2nd Amendment is wholly responsible
and should be made redundant; as if guns, as inanimate objects, are responsible for running
around killing innocent black males. Having failed to sell that nonsense to a growing majority of
2A supporting Americans, that now includes Liberals who never thought of owning a firearm let
alone entertain the prospect of using one against a fellow human being, are now buying out gun
stores. So, that argument is now meaningless!

What one entity however, does have the authority to lawfully shoot someone in the course of
their daily business? Why, it’s the police and even there the statistics on how many blacks, or
whites for that matter, are dispatched to their great reward by police guns during apprehensions
or while avoiding arrests, tells a far different story. So, what to do now? The Democrats have
returned to White supremacy and systemic racism as the primary cause of so many black
deaths, while ignoring the growing ledger of statistics to the contrary.

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Ct) in a recent interview said: “White communities use violence to
suppress Black communities,” once again attempting to blame all the woes of Black community
violence on the shoulders of Whites by alleging White supremacy and privileged as a motive. No
one asked him to explain how the White community was responsible for the exclusively high
death toll committed by black vs black every weekend in Chicago, or Baltimore, Wash DC,
Atlanta and other Democrat run cities for all that. Violence is the common denominator and yes,
mostly by guns held in the hands of a black sub culture that embraces death, yours or theirs.
Culture differences are the danger, not the Second Amendment.

Sen. Murphy wrote a book on the subject attempting to understand”human lethal aggression”
and how it can be addressed. He seeks to lay all the motives for violent aggression on Whites,
not the gun wielders. Apart from firearms, many are killed by bats, clubs, hammers and knives,
weapons capable of inflicting violent deaths. But why focus on guns? Because they are the
instrument of choice by “gangsta” black males and, as more American citizens have armed
themselves for self-defense, the Marxists Democrat will be unable to complete their violent
takeover of American cities, already underway in Portland, Seattle, LA, San Francisco,
Baltimore and DC. by their aggressive Stormtroopers, the Antifa’s and BLM.

So, if they can’t disarm Americans, at least they can try to reform the police by making it easier
for the socially challenged part of society to achieve parity through street crime without
consequences. The Antioch, California District Attorney, a Democrat, has told her prosecutors to
consider the “needs of the perpetrators before making a criminal charge.”Say what? They’re
talking about the rash of looting of commercial establishments now happening under the excuse
of “reparations.” But, what if the looting gangs show up in your town and your neighborhood and
start rummaging around in your garage because they need a lawnmower or your new work
boots. (I know, two bad examples!), but that’s where Democrats are taking us and, they are
encouraging a violent response from 2A victims. It could be coming but, we are warned.

The BLM – Antifa’s riots are losing steam, at least in the public’s mind. Citizens In some
communities, well aware of the dangers to civil order, are already quietly organizing to defend
their communities from destruction when bus loads of black clad SS Stormtroopers suddenly
appear and set about their terrorism. WWII had Civil Defense units. Maybe its time to consider
doing something like that again. That’s a job for our County Sheriff’s to start working on.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

How To Define Healing


Written by George McClellan

Healing, is a term always used by Democrats as an appeal to vote for them as opposed to those
rascally Republicans who are destroying American cities, killing Americas black population and
failing to use the power of government to lift poor people out of poverty. The term no longer has
any serious appeal to most Americans, but, to Democrats, healing really means we should
capitulated to their better social and economic ideals. In reality, we have tried this before and it
has always failed on the altar of good intentions!

Do we remember an early, former communications director of Trump’s White House named
Anthony Scaramucci? He’s back! In anti-Trump attack on CNN’s Anderson Cooper show, he
predicted President Trump would “be in the ash heap of history” after November’s election. He
further opined: “We have to heal this country and unify this country, and at some point, we’re
going to have to rebuild the Republican party.”  There’s that word “heal” again. Well, I think its
safe to add his name to the short list of Republican traitors like John Kasich, et al.

On one point I heartedly agree. The Republican party must be rebuilt or it will be replaced. In fly
over country the GOP is not lacking in capable people, like Trump, who could reorganize at the
state and local levels where its most important. Most of our current elected “conservatives” are
demonstrably inept, self-serving and have conservative voting record at 50% or less. They can’t
heal either! Some GOP politicians are not totally in the bag for the One World Government
scheme, but enough of them are to make grassroots conservatives, ie: the Republican base,
seriously consider the future of the GOP, or reevaluate their role in it.

Healing is not the word to use to describe a lasting remedy for a political schism that won’t heal.
Cuts and abrasions heal, not damaged egos or thwarted ambitions drowned by trickery, lies and
deceit. Stealing MAGA hats and signs from pro Trump demonstrators is not healing. The deep
personal hurts inflicted by foul language screamed into peoples faces by brain dead morons, will
not be healed by the pleas of politicians seeking re-election asking “can’t we just get along?”

Well, no we can’t; not their way and we won’t capitulate any more! That’s why the riots continue.
The bigger picture here is the determination by the Progressive “Left,” to force Americans to
accept their offensive political ideas as better for the World; but, alas, America, with its Trump
driven nationalist idealism rudely stands in their way. They still wonder, where did this man,
Trump, come from? How have his ideas, not approved by the establishment, become so
successful making headway against their vision of a One World utopia lead by them?

How can we heal if Joe Biden won’t articulate any truth to the violence and rioting currently
destroying Democrat run America’s cities? How can we heal when Democrat politicians like
incompetent mayors Lori Lightfoot of Chicago and Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC, refuse to
acknowledge the chaos in the cities they govern? Lightfoot wants “economic empowerment,”
exclusively for blacks of course, and agrees that violent looting is a remedy to get it. Just like
socialist Joe Biden, Lightfoot believes, people are lifted out of poverty if they are given an
opportunity to feel a stake in their own future by “peaceful protests.” OMG!

How many opportunities can government give? We’ve been doing it since LBJ’s Great Society
fiasco. Now, her constituency has adopted the insane reasoning that the mass looting of the
cities commercial outlets is “reparations” because stores have insurance. Healing for Chicago,
like NYC, Seattle, San Francisco and LA, will come when all commercialism departs. That’s
healing! Remember, Freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Trump’s Right! They Are After Us!


Written by George McClellan

There can be no more doubt that the political establishment, the Deep State, including the
treacherous “Never Trumper” Republicans like Mitch Romney, willing to join hands with AOC’s
Marxist (New Green Deal) Democrat Party, are determined to remove Donald Trump from the
Presidency before he can do any more harm to their profitable self-serving Establishment elites
administration of the Federal government. Then along came Trump!

In just over three years, Trump has gone through Hell. An Obama initiated coup attempt using
the FBI, DoJ, DNI and CIA, that targeted three of his advisors including Lt.Gen. Mike Flynn; an
unsuccessful two year investigation into a phony claim of Russian collusion; a laughable
impeachment trial because his telephone conversation to the new President of the Ukraine that
a staffer didn’t like, and considered treasonous: to alleging many American deaths by his clumsy
handling of the China Wuhan virus and, ending up with a desperate full court press insurrection
by the Democrat party’s Stormtrooper’s, the Antifa’s and BLM Marxists, for which he is also
blamed for dividing the country!

Now, suddenly we’re inundated with a new social concern the Left insists we embrace so as not
to be labeled “racists.” And, like all stupid Democrat ideas, we’ve been conned into being
“Woke,” attentive to the fact that our Social Peace keepers (Police) are the biggest danger to
society that should be defunded, disbanded, unarmed or even killed before they can do more
harm to innocent black male criminals peacefully doing what they do best, lying, cheating and
stealing. If you’re not “Woke” you must be a racist, period!

What’s even more scary, because so many of our big cities are in the hands of Marxists (yes,
we voted to put them there), “wokeness” is becoming the dominant mindset in the workplace
both public and private. Its supposed purpose is to help us all help them to fight racism.
We are learning that “Wokeness” is required for any white student to embrace if they
are to survive on a college campus today. It is the driving force behind the street
protests now ravaging our cities because It’s chic, everybody’s doing it not realizing it is
the first step in the brainwashing of students to accept Socialism and hate America.
They’re after us indeed and only Trump stands in their way.

Even more scary, wokeness has crept into the Corporate boardrooms of Wall Street,
and Silicon Valley. A Heritage Foundation contributor describes it as: “pervasive trends
under the guise of equality (that) makes diversity training in government, and corporate
America, and schools, destructive, divisive, and harmful.” I’d say so! In fact,
“Wokeness is a fusion of the critical theory school of neo-Marxism, which is a form of
identity politics, and radical activism that has a very particular worldview that separates
the world into liberationists versus oppressors or oppressed versus oppressors.”

To the fear of racism, they have added gender and self-identity (transgenderism) as new
species to be protected from religious zealots determined to stamp out free expression,
the truth be damned. Their truths are not ours but, it will stick if we allow it to catch hold.
In the last three years we’ve witnessed the shameless Democrats create so many new
definitions for old words, terms or ideas, until we’re all so confused we’d believe about
anything. There’s a lot more to say about this but we had better vote Conservative.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way, Now, go get ’em!

Protect and Serve, Reforming the Role of Police


Written By George McClellan

If a community has serious problems with the law and how its enforced, perhaps they should
aim their wrath peacefully at their local politicians, especially the Liberal ones who made up the
laws they don’t like, not at the police officers who have to enforce them.

A policeman on duty sets about on his daily shift following a squad briefing. They know what to
expect and have been trained how to deal with the multiple situations they may encounter in a
day, or a year or in an entire lifetime. Meeting and passing POST standards are required before
any new policeman starts their job. That training is reinforced by frequent upgraded sessions
based on new techniques, new ideas and lessons learned by the errors of other departments
that brought negative attention to themselves with shoddy work. Minneapolis comes to mind.

After the LA Watts riot in 1965, I was often approached by civilians who told me how much they
appreciated how we bravely faced the rioters, the fears we must have endured and how they
really understood our situation. But, they didn’t even remotely understand the situation. A fellow
officer told one such admirer, he really “didn’t want her thanks, he wanted her cooperation.”

That riot was shortly followed by the Univ. of California, Berkley “Free Speech” movement based
on entirely different issues. Even law enforcements approach to the two incidents were entirely
differently. The motive for the LA Watts riots was basically mirrored by the Minneapolis George
Floyd incident now bedeviling us, ie: law enforcement vs. a black, low level street criminal
resisting arrest. Berkley’s riots were college students, mostly white, using Mario Savio’s “Free
Speech” issue as a tool to challenge both the draft and continuance of the Vietnam war.

Those Berkley rioters are todays college professors turning out radical morons like AOC and the
other Democrat Congresspersons trying to destroy what they’ve been taught, that America is,
and has always been, an unfair, slave owning society of white people that refuses to recognize
the rights of other races. They’ve learned from the Cloward-Piven syllabus of social disruption,
implemented by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. So, now our streets are filled by rioters of all
races demanding social changes but blaming police racism for the ills they experience at the
hands of Liberal politicians who pretend to speak for them. Police are not there to correct social
problems, but keep the streets safe from criminals. They only ask for our cooperation.

Criminals are defined by the laws politicians enact. In gun hating communities, for examples,
most of us will become criminals if we failed to give up possession of our guns. Our compliance
is the key to a totalitarian society and Americans won’t have it. Society will always need a
controlling police force, some type of authority to stabilize how we live together. The question is,
just what kind of police force do we want? We’ve seeing the Democrats new Storm Troopers,
the Antifa’s and the Black Lives Matter hoodlums in action in Seattle now. They’re out there,
waiting and ready to go when called for. And if Joe Biden wins, they’ll have tanks too!

Reform of the already restricted police is not the solution. Societal reform is called for. If a
majority of rioters are black youths, whats that tell us? A fatherless home where behavior, once
the responsibility of parents, goes unchecked. But wait, didn’t the “It Takes a Village” crowd take
that responsibility away from black parents? Did not the Democrat Party enact welfare rules that
eliminated the male head of a household if government welfare was wanted? Ronald Reagan
knew it! He said government was the problem. Let’s return responsibility for a rioters bad
behavior back to the parents, not the police or social workers. Sending parents to jail should do
it! Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Where Has the Supreme Court Taken Us?


Written By George McClellan

Has Justice Gorsuch’s written decision (Bostock v. Clayton County), supported by a majority of
justices of the Supreme Court, inadvertently ignite what could become a religious war right here
in America? And, all over the definition of “sex?” There are only three possible definitions of
sex: male, female and doing it! Anything else is perversion and that’s because religion, once
backed as inviolate by secular law and our Constitution, had given us some authority and
control over the predators who prey on our children. Gorsuch’s decision has rendered sexual
perversion protected by secular law, and damn what moral constraints religion demands.

Apparently, religion is no longer to be a protected right in America. The Supreme Court just said
so! Why should we not be surprised? Long ago the Court approved the wholesale murder of
unborn Americans (Roe vs Wade) without regard to the Constitutionally protected right to due
process. Next, if this court decides that the Nuns of the Little Sisters of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Catholic Order, have no right to dismiss employees who claim a perverted lifestyle not in concert
with scripture and Catholic doctrine from their employment rolls, then America is done for, its
moral compass smashed and the barbarians will feel free to impose the odious but still
unworkable philosophy of Socialism as prescribed by Marx and Lenin.

The root of almost all the most horrible conflicts in the world between peoples and nations, apart
from pure conquest, has been over issues of religion! The bloody history of religious wars
between England, Scotland and Ireland are the best examples of pure hatred between peoples
of the same ethnic groups and it continued in Northern Ireland right up to the end of the last
decade of the Twentieth Century.

Christianity is being shamed out of American and European histories. Why else have not
Western Christian churches screamed out against the wholesale murders of Christians in Africa
and the Mid-East by the demented followers of Islam?

For us, the potential consequences by this Courts decision may be incalculable. Can we
anticipate other moral evils embedded in this Courts textural decisions coming down the road in
the future? How could we assume otherwise? By this decision, the Supreme Court continues its
activist usurpation of the legislative process. How does that happen, why is it allowed, and why
have our elected legislators, from all the fifty states, coalesce to permit it?

Because they are lazy damn cowards, swayed by the screaming mobs of political correctness,
the Democrats, Marxists, antifa’s, Black Lives Matter and snowflakes weeping over criminals
who succumbed during the arrest process before the inevitability of their incarceration.

Dare we even contemplate; at what point one wonders, will the Supreme Court recognize
Sharia Law as a legitimate doctrine for lower courts to determine local issues? To do so would
have severe conflicting consequences because, for one, Islam does not and will not ever accept
LBGTQ issues as legitimate to Islamic society. Indeed, they delight in ridding society of perverts
by public hangings, beheadings and the ever growing in popularity process of precipitating
homosexuals from roof tops to watch them expire on the cold concrete streets below. Would the
Supreme Court assume responsibility for the violent demise of America’s Gay community, left
dangling from lamp posts, or tossed from roof tops? I don’t think they would. Why do they
countenance the murder of American babies then? Just asking! Our faith in government is
quickly dissipating, and now, even the Supremes. Remember, freedom is the goal, the
Constitution is the way, even if the Supreme Court doesn’t believe it. Now, go get ’em

The Barbarians Are Through The Gates


Written By George McClellan

It does not escape our attention that a righteous complaint over an incident of apparent police
brutality was hijacked by radical Marxists, the criminal enemies of Capitalism and America
whose primary aim at the moment, is to rid America of Donald Trump.

When does a righteous protest turn into a riot, into an insurrection, then a revolution? When
organized barbarians, financed by the likes of American hating George Soros, Barak Obama’s
OFA and Islamic elements like ISIS, Hamas, Hizbollah and CAIR, supply the funds to usurp the
protests original leadership by bussing in ready and waiting, antifa stormtrooper’s to seize
control as is happening in Seattle.

What is transpiring on the streets of America today, like Seattle for example, no longer has
anything to do with the death of George Floyd, but serves only as an excuse to radicalize those
young Americans, failed by our school systems, into helping destroy the country they don’t know
because they believe it was founded on white racism, white privilege and black slavery!

We have two big problems on our streets right now. Liberal leadership of many of our cities and
states have no clue how to respond to armed insurrectionists (I don’t mean second Amendment
believers, that’s coming next) who seize and occupy government buildings, chase off the police
and establish a no go zone for anyone but radicals. The lack of aggressive police staff’s who
should have quickly killed this insurrection as it started, were cowed by political correctness so
as not to”harm anybody!” BS! A few dead antifas lying bleeding on the steps of City Halls
would deliver the message of due respect for Law Enforcement and recognize LE’s role in
maintaining civic stability. But no, they’re rendering proper respect to the insurrectionists.

What’s happening in Seattle, if it’s not stopped right now, will show up in city’s around the
country! We stand at the point where this insurrection must be stopped by direct police action.
Their can be no more negotiations, no pleading for understanding, only the arrests or blood on
the steps. The mayor and clowncil of Seattle should be swept aside by the Federalized NG
troops and open straight forward infantry assaults to retake government property because, If it’s
not done in Seattle, soon, it will happen somewhere else, soon. But, it will happen and if the
authorities can’t or won’t stop it because of political correctness, when that protest spills over
into my town or neighborhood, it will be met by armed resistance. We’re ready!

There is very little mention in the press of any central control over these riots but a guiding hand
is visible. Many rioters (Antifa’s) seem to be well trained because some amount of training is
necessary to account for the tear gas-adapted, aggressive barbarians not intimidated by
superior force. No one in the media wants to address the issue of a centralized command and
control, but it’s there! Someone has got to be following the money trail too. Find that and cutting
off the head of the hydra should do wonders for returning peace to Americas streets.

For protestors to argue passion as a motivator is too naive to be believed when alleged police
brutality and racism is the excuse du jour for todays riots. Black male criminals are now almost
untouchable. Expect many idle young black males to seek their street creds by getting arrested
for felony crimes knowing that Liberal politicians will simply release them without bail or
personal accountability. Should they die for the cause, they know they’ll get a free state funeral
like afforded to George Floyd! Obama was right when he said: “This is not who we are!” We’re
in a fight folks for the very soul of America. What America can we abide and would we want

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

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