“Soft opening” for Murray schools after Christmas

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Murray County Superintendent Steve Loughridge (left) and Chairman of the BOE Greg Shoemaker at Monday’s meeting. T

Murray County schools will try a “soft opening” at the end of Christmas break.

“We have seen an increase in COVID-19 cases and a consecutive climb in quarantine numbers since Thanksgiving break and feel these alternative models are best for the health and safety of our students and staff,” the district said in a press release. “Our goal is to help slow the spread and reduce the number of quarantines within our schools.”

January 5-8

From January 5-8, all students will participate in distance learning. The rationale, according to the press release, is that distance learning the first week back will allow symptoms from possible exposure from family gatherings and activities time to show up. This will help reduce exposure and spread within the schools.

January 11-22

January 11-22: all students will participate in a hybrid schedule. This will help reduce the number of students quarantined to due exposure and allow for optimum social distancing within the classrooms. Each school will provide students with a hybrid schedule.

soft opening

Murray County schools will try a soft opening after Christmas break.


Pre-K will continue to provide face-to-face instruction during this time, however no transportation will be provided during the distance learning period and Friday, Jan. 15 and 22.

Chromebook pick up

Elementary schools will distribute Chromebooks by grade on January 4. Parents will receive a notification with a pick-up time and more information about the hybrid schedule.

School Meals

Elementary students can puck up their meals for the week of distance learning on January 4 at their school. They will receive 5-days of meals both breakfast and lunch. Middle and high school students will receive their meals the same as they have been at the Wi-Fi hotspots locations or either high school.

If an elementary students is unable to pick up their meals on Jan. 4 they can also receive a meal at the hotspots and high school. In the hybrid model, meals will be given each day at school to take home for off days and distance learning Fridays. Hotspot locations and times can be found on the homepage at https://www.murray.k12.ga.us/

Wi-Fi Availability

Wi-Fi equipped buses will be available on distance learning days at the same times and locations as before. The schedule can also be found at the website.

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