Chatsworth named ninth safest city in Georgia

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The Chatsworth City Council commended  police chief Josh Etheridge for city being named in the top ten safest cities in Georgia.

According to Safewise, an internet security company, Chatsworth had the fewest total property crimes in the state at 24 and placed ninth overall.

Etheridge said the accolades belong to the officers as well as the community.

“It’s the officers who get the credit. They are out there every single day,” he said. “We’re fortunate to work in Chatsworth.”

South 5th Avenue and Meir Street

The stop sign at the intersection of South Fifth Avenue and Meir Street could be moved to make the intersection safer, according to one resident at the Chatsworth City Council meeting.

To see his full comments, watch here.

“It’s a big honor for us,” said K.W. Gong, mayor of Chatsworth.

The council also approved Etheridge’s recommendations on changing several stop signs. The move came after a recommendation from resident Zach Hall, who brought the original proposal to the council at the March 2, 2020 meeting. Read the original story here.

The council approved changes to signage at Lake Shore Drive and South Fifth Avenue and Meir Street and South Fifth Avenue. Etheridge recommended that the signage remain as is at Meir Street and South Fourth Avenue due to more traffic and the stop sign in question is on a hill crest.

The changes include removing the stop sign on the eastbound side of Lake Shore Drive since there isn’t a stop sign on the westbound side.

“It’s a reasonable request,” Etheridge said, adding he was neutral on it. “It doesn’t make sense to have (a stop sign) in one direction but not the other.”

The second change will happen at Meir Street and South Fifth Avenue. Meir Street dead-ends on the west side of South Fifth Avenue. There is no stop sign on Meir Street at the intersection. The only stop sign is at north Fifth Avenue. The recommendation is to move the stop sign from north Fifth Avenue to Meir Street.

“I completely agree with it,” said Etheridge. “There is no device requiring a stop if they make a left turn. It’s a liability.”

In other Chatsworth news, the council:

Approved allowing the street department to continue working four day weeks. They decided in February to try it for 90-days. For the original story, read here.

Approved a resolution authorizing the mayor to execute lease agreements with the Georgia Municipal Association or GMA for the purchase of a Ford F-150 for the street department and another one for the purchase of police vehicles.

Approved appointing Mitchel Smith as Chairman of the Chatsworth Housing Authority Board.

To view the complete meeting, visit our YouTube channel here.


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