Qualifying is underway in Gordon County

Election 2020

Gordon County qualifying is underway for those who want to make the ballot. Candidates can qualify at the courthouse through Friday noon.

According to representatives for the Shea Hicks, Chairperson for the Board of Elections and Voter Registration, the following people have qualified for these positions. FYN will update this list each day until qualifying ends later this week.

Clerk or Superior Court

Grant Walraven (R-Incumbent)

Probate Judge

Magistrate Judge

James Pat Rasbury (R-Incumbent)

Commissioner District 1

For County Commissioner District 1

  1. L. Bud Owens (R-Incumbent)

Commissioner District 2

Commissioner District 3

Norris Sexton (R-Incumbent)

Robert “Rob” Ballard (Republican)

Commissioner District 4

Commissioner District 5

Kevin L. Cunningham(R-Incumbent)

Commissioner District 2


Mitch Ralston (R-Incumbent)

Tax Commissioner

Scott Clements (R-Incumbent)


James Carver (R-Incumbent)

Board of Education 1

Board of Education 2

Board of Education 3

Board of Education 4

Rod Brehm (Republican)

Bobby E. Hall (R-Incumbent)

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