• What Did The Oscars Portend?

    What Did The Oscars Portend? The 2019 Oscars, in the final analysis, was the second lowest viewed Oscars event in it’s history. We know why. The movie industry no longer celebrates a positive America but dwells in revealing a racist America. The skinny little director, Spike Lee, in his plum purple suit, matching soft cloth […]

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  • Reparations For Former Slaves??

    If there are any current slaves held by the U.S. Government or members of Congress or if there is anyone living in the United States that was brought here as a slave during his or her lifetime, those people MAY be entitled to something from you the taxpayers. BUT, if there is no one fitting […]

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  • Witness To Evil

    Witness To Evil In the most shocking vote I’ve ever witnessed taken by the Congress, the Stalinists Democrat Party have thrown off any pretense of being civilized, caring, empathetic, loving or law abiding. They are the creepy zombies who kill anything they touch and if they can’t kill it themselves, they’ll make it happen by […]

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  • The Face of Radicalism

    The Democrat party has gone all in for stupid, as in openly promoting socialism for America that we can already see disintegrating right before our eyes in Venezuela. They are still hell bent on “change we can believe in,” using radicalism as their tool. Americas growing economy, its low unemployment levels, new job hirings and […]

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  • Weekly Word Devotional

    By: Stephen A. Brown, Marketplace Ministries, inc. Last month the Golden Globe Awards recognized actor Christian Bale, best known for his role as BATMAN. Bale gave credit to Satan. Another devil disciple in the entertainment industry. Anti-Christ celebs continue to corrupt the Christian character of our country. In John 10:10, Jesus said, “The thief comes […]

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  • Extent of the Deep State

    Extent of the Deep State: The extent of the imbedded Deep State, an unholy corruption of ignorant worker bees in the peoples government is so pervasive, so tight and so protected that its very existence is mind blowing. That Obama weaponized federal agencies as political tools for the socialist Democrat party is undeniable but, I’m […]

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  • SOTU 2019, The Fallout

    SOTU 2019, The Fallout “America never has been and never will be a “socialist country!” Yeah, “USA, USA, USA.” For visuals, the Democrats sat on their hands and sulked. President Trump’s speech revealed a lot of truths to the eye of the beholder. His remarks were what conservative Americans wanted to hear because for two […]

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    BY CANDACE HARDIN LITTLEJOHN A along time ago, Thomas Jefferson and few of his like- minded colleagues got together in anger about taxation without representation, unfair laws and a monarch who wanted to control the liberty of those in the colonies far away from England. They wrote up a few words to express their wishes […]

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