• A Changing America

    The Democrats are really the party of nothing American. Somehow, politically, they’ve become the “Blue” party when they irrefutably should be “Red.” How did they hang the term “Red” on Conservatives? The media did it of course and somehow our Republicans leaders accepted it. Not good, because it confuses me when I have to refer […]

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  • Nothing Has Changed!

    Nothing Has Changed! I’ve been on a two week hiatus from TV, internet and radio news that features left wing ding-bats prognosticating on US and world events. I’ve been traveling throughout the desolated and historic areas in Nebraska, So. Dakota, Montana and Wyoming. I return to find America’s woman’s world champion soccer team appear headed […]

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    GIVING TERRORISTS THE STORE   The United States’ patience with Iran is up against some really bad behavior of late.  Last week, Iran bombed two oil tankers, one from Norway, one from Japan, all carrying oil to US allies. They successfully shot down one US drone. They came very close to getting a rocket or […]

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  • Is Impeachment a Celebrity Trap for the Democrats?

    Is Impeachment a Celebrity Trap for the Democrats? It was Oscar Wilde I think, who opined “the second worst thing in the world is being talked about. The worst thing is not being talked about.” Wilde was referring to his ‘celebrity’ of course, having it and then losing it like the Democrats seem determined to […]

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  • Weekly Word Devotion

    I had lunch with two Christian brothers at Doug’s Place in Emerson, Georgia. Country Cooking at its BEST. The cafe’s bathroom has a sign: Wash you hands, say your prayers, cause Jesus and germs are everywhere.  Germs are on every surface, such as a door knob, and transfer at the touch. But how do we […]

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  • Why Should We Accept Corrupt Government?

    Why Should We Accept Corrupt Government? In light of the unraveling of the corruption inherent in the “Administrative Deep State,” it’s past time for a serious rethinking of the need of a giant federal administrative state and reexamine the common sense methods of governing the framers gave us to rule ourselves. Article1, of the Constitution […]

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  • A House of Fools

    A House of Fools Our American legislatures were once the occupational centers for lovers of liberty hired by the people to represent them, to do the government’s business within the framework of the US Constitution and the rule of law. What’s happened? It has become a House of Fools. Democrats, ever since the end of […]

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  • Daddy Issues

    Psychiatrists have long harped upon the pitfalls women can experience if their father is not active and present in their lives. http://mamiverse.com/father-daughter-relationships-daddy-issues-13916/ Girls and boys need their fathers in order to develop properly. The value of a present, active father is often underrated in our society. However, if you subscribe to some of the liberal […]

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