• Brian Kemp silent on allowing voters to decide on official English

     Pro-English voters should ask questions By: D.A. King  A December 2015 Rosetta Stone poll showed that a bipartisan 76% of Georgians support making English Georgia’s constitutional official language. The idea is English as official, not “English only” as goes the portrayal by dishonest opponents. Policy differences for candidates in the race for Georgia governor may […]

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  • The Weekly Word Devotional

    Stephen A. Brown, Marketplace Ministries, inc. In 2005 my wife Mary Ann was diagnosed with cancer. I posted signs in our home that read: Too Blessed to be Stressed. Following surgery, she underwent months of radiation treatments. Today she is cancer free! We were shocked to learn that her surgeon lost her life to cancer. […]

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  • Agenda 21 Redux?

    My last essay concerned the quiet but efficient attempt by the New World Order crowd to implement their Agenda 21 scheme in Phoenix, Arizona. This is not a new issue to Arizonian’s except to the new comers fleeing the soviet state of California who may be unaware of Arizonian’s previous attempts to thwart the loss […]

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  • UN Agenda 21 Scheme, Coming to a State Near You

    Headline: “Smart Regions Bypass Elected Officials To Implement Regional Governance.” While we fretted over Judge Kavanaugh, the Michael hurricane and such, the inexorable march of the New World Order presses on. If this headline didn’t alarm you, read their plan: “A new and purely Technocrat invention to impose unelected regionalism that will soon sweep the […]

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  • Survey Weeds Now

      By: Eddie Ayers, County Extension Agent Late summer/early fall is an excellent time for you to survey or map the weeds in your pastures, hay fields, orchards, and lawns, but it’s not the best time to spray. The majority of weeds growing in early fall are usually summer annuals and summer perennials. Many people […]

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  • Is Institutionalization The Answer?

    Mary Todd Lincoln moved to Chicago after the assassination of her husband at the end of the Civil War. In her grief she continued her old habits of flittering away her money, a trait that drove her husband Abe, almost nuts when he was alive and driving her son Todd nuts as well and so, […]

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  • Political Language at War

    The great political philosopher George Orwell once opined: ”Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” Once, well crafted political speech, like that Winston Churchill and Ronald Reagan produced, were magical in their rhetorical realism and their prophetic truths. Political speech […]

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